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A Holistic Approach To  Fitness and Nutrition

Defy that voice telling you what you are capable of, defy the odds and become your best self

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About Me

Allie Browning


Well, its been a crazy few years for everyone but me especially! I have recently moved back to salmon arm, had a baby and just turned 30!

 The last 5.5 years I was at Bodyshop Training Centre in West Kelowna. This changed my life! I fell in love with Training, Nutrition, Crossfit and Competing. I had been certified for the past 11 years and previously worked as a personal trainer in Australia. I apprenticed with Brad at Bodyshop and the rest is history.

My experiences ranges from coaching group classes, Teen/youth classes, 1:1 and Small Group Personal Training and eventually Nutrition Coaching. I was doing this full time for four years until Covid happened... coincidentally this is also when I fell pregnant with my sweet Bowen.  At Bodyshop I discovered just how amazing feeling strong can be, especially for a woman/girl. I learned that nutrition is so much more than the most current fad diet. Just how much food I needed as an athlete...and that it was "okay" to eat that much.

   Having Bowen changed my entire outlook as a coach and athlete. Balance and health from within must come first before working on the outside. Abs can be great and all but it doesn't mean someone is healthy! After birth I had to work on healing my body a bit longer than others, I couldn't jump back into it all, but NOW i'm ready and learning as I go. Join me or follow along my journey back to training, to a healthier lifestyle and coaching- alongside my new role as a mother!

What I do

Jumpstart Your Health


1:1 Personal Training

Fitness and gyms can be intimidating i get it! Join me for some no pressure, 1:1, personal training. This will be designed and tailored to YOUR needs. Bodyweight, free weight, Barbell work, aerobic training etc.
Starting at 60$

Intro To Barbell Package

This is a 6-9 session package depending on experience; breaking down each barbell lift into simple steps! My focus here is on form, safety and technique! By the end of the sessions you will feel confident in using the rig and barbell and executing most barbell movements!

Package $250


A healthier, happier lifestyle awaits you. Contact me today.

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Jumpstart Your Health

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Small Group

Interested in working out with a few others? Get a couple friends or meet some new people and get a good sweat session on together! Small Group can be Personalized, Barbell, HITT ( High Intensity Interval Training). Contact me for more information.


There is no one size fits all when it comes to Nutrition. After a consult, we will layout your goals and a plan. I have worked with competitive athletes, people looking to gain muscle, lose body-fat, habit and lifestyle changes as well as those with disordered eating habits.

Contact me for further information on plans and options!

Starting at 75$

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A healthier, happier lifestyle awaits you. Contact me today.

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Contact Me

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