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Its okay to eat!

"I'm watching my weight."

"I just did a big workout."

"I shouldn't."

In all my years and with all the clients I have worked with i have had ONE client who was eating more calories than they needed. You need to eat! Most likely more than you are now.

I was a firm believer if i cut my intake back perfect ill lose weight. I did... but i also lost muscle, energy, my hormone function, sex drive energy and the list goes on. From under eating we SLOW down our metabolism which then actually causes the weight loss to stop. Any food we do eat we begin to store because our bodies in survival mode and a lot of the time this causes weight gain! Seems backwards right?

You wouldn't run your car without gas? Burn a fire without wood? So why would you try and let your body and bodily functions without food?

A lot of the times people will skip meals all day and then gorge on something later on. Why not balance that out throughout the entire day, especially after a workout and get your body functioning optimally?

Boost your energy in the gym, fuel the muscles post recovery, provide the essential fats for hormone function.

Its amazing how much we can eat! It just matters where its coming from and what you choose! Simple tips, following the perimeter of the grocery store, Eating foods that spoil.. eventually. "Flown, grown, swam or roamed*" you should be safe!

( quote from C.Poliquin)

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