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Staying "On Track" this Holiday Season

Christmas is just around the corner... Covid or not this means Holiday Parties, Dinners, Desserts and some time off from work and routine. The old me would be posting lots of tips and tricks to eat healthier and still hit all of your goals!

Don't get me wrong that's great and all but someone who TRULY stays on track is someone who can take 1-2 days and enjoy them without overdoing it and the next day MOVE ON!

So this year im proposing something else. Do you feel guilt after the holidays? Is it the food? The drinks? No exercise? All the above?

First Christmas Day get out and move! Do something active with family or friends. Snowshoe, walk, toboggan,anything you will feel so happy you did and the food will digest much easier. We love of a fun family Christmas workout, usually in our jammies or new christmas gear.

Second, think about your Christmas spread and sides, do you have a lot of vegetables? Could you add or substitute some dishes out? Swap a baked cheese dip for some nice hummus and tzatziki? Are you avoiding eating all day and then gorging at dinner? Don't do that! Enjoy a nice high protein breakfast get some fruit and veg in there start the day off right. You will be less like to starve and munch on anything and everything under the sun!

Third, keep hydrated. Drink water throughout the day and especially in between alcoholic beverages. One drink, one water etc. We love having sparkling waters and some fresh berries or lemons to add into our glass. Still looks festive and fun.

Lastly, EAT THE DAMN CHRISTMAS COOKIE!!! Your lovely great Aunty Judy brought her famous Christmas dessert but "you shouldn't". If you are full and dont want any totally fine. You truly just don't want any you are happy with some fruit also fine, but if you SO wish you had some and are forcing yourself no... not fine. Go have a little slice, enjoy it, remember having it with everyone you loved and that's that! You are okay. No one died from a piece of cake.

The next day don't beat yourself up. Get moving, have a nice healthy breakfast maybe lunch is some delicious turkey buns and get back to normal. You enjoy the day yesterday, You are still thinking about the stuffing you didn't eat, the cookies you want more of etc.

Life and holidays are not designed to "how can i stay on track". Long term situations for sure make some adjustments but 1-2 days here and there... don't sweat the small stuff!

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