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Why I hate the scale!

Every morning you wake up and step on the scale? Is your day determined by what that silly little number says?

Did you wake up feeling amazing, energetic and happy but that number on the screen wasn't what you wanted and BOOM instant switch of emotions?

I hate the scale. I used to be obsessed with getting to a certain number, and then maintaining said number. I determined my workouts based off of what it said, my food choices for the day etc. It was spiralling out of control.

I slept like shit, was always cold, had little to no sex drive, my skin was breaking out, my hair was thin and I was training like shit but hey that number on the scale made me happy.

I started working with a nutrition coach thinking I needed some support. The first thing she did was tell me, " I don't do weigh ins but pictures or a daily rating."

I asked about the daily ratings- Each morning I was to rate out of 5 how everything was.

Sleep, mood, energy, training and my hunger levels. If those were all good did it matter what the scale said? If I was Happy, Strong, Energetic and Not Starving.

...Trust me it took some time but once I focused on every other factor to determine how i felt the number on the scale seemed less important. My body balanced out because I wasn't stressing it out every-morning. We found our set point and happy place!

I hope you can too, and I am right here if you need help doing so. Life is so much more than those silly little numbers.

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